Details for Event 

                                        Two HPDE Run Groups for Novice and Advance Drivers  
                                         plus an option to add more track time with HPDE Plus
                                         and a Track Attack Time Trial with five classes split into two run groups 


                                        $395 for HPDE sessions for less experienced drivers (limited to 40 cars) with less than 5 HPDE days at VIR
                                        Drivers will get five 30 min driving sessions PLUS:
                                           Coaching with car control clinic and virtual video track walk    
                                        •   On-track tour and lead/follow with coach
                                        •   Access to Kaizen facility with pro simulators  

                                        $295 for HPDE sessions for more experienced drivers (limited to 50 cars) with more than 5 HPDE days at VIR
                                          Drivers will get four 30 min driving sessions. 

                                        $195 HPDE plus is extra time for any driver registered in a HPDE group already  who want additional time.  
                                        Drivers will be one run group (40 car limit) and will get three 20 min driving sessions.

                                        $195 - Grand Rush Challenge Track Attack Time Trial (50 car limit)


                                        Four street classes: <$35k, $35k to $65k, $65k- $125k, & >$125k
                                          One unlimited class with no restrictions
                                        Two run groups of 25 cars per group based on lap time.  Each group will get three 20 min track sessions per group

                                           Top three drivers in each class get trophy and prize 

                                        Drivers must complete car tech inspection form or provide evidence of a current inspection from another HPDE group, driving club, or racing association.  If you need a tech inspection, click here for places who can perform inspection:

                                        If you are planning to run track attack, you can rent a transponder from us for $50, check the box when registering to order.   If you have your own transponder, it must be AMB (mylaps) and we need transponder number.

                                        If you prefer to rent a car for the novice or experience HPDE sessions, we have over 15 cars available including:
                                        Radical SR1's, Radical SR3's, Ligier F4's, VW GTI's,  BMW Spec E30, BMW Champ E30, BMW M235i,
                                        Porsche Cayman's, Chevy Camaro SS 1LE, Chevy Camaro ZL1 

                                        Click for rental options   

                                        Odoo - Sample 1 for three columns

                                        4.1 Miles and 24 turns


                                        Odoo - Sample 2 for three columns

                                        HPDE sessions and time attack 


                                        Odoo - Sample 3 for three columns

                                         Explained, rules, and classes

                                        We look forward to seeing you on the Grand Course at VIR whether it is your first time in the novice HPDE group, our advanced HPDE group, or if you are participating in the inaugural Time Attack!