Join us on October 21st for the
    Car and Driver
 Grand Course Lightning Lap
 Time Trial Event at VIR organized 
by Kaizen Autosport and NASA


Challenge yourself to beat the Lightning Lap Record. Run the fastest possible lap in the ultimate test of performance.

10 Classes with winners each receiving trophy, Car and Driver media online recognition, and an annual  Track Club Membership   powered by Car and Driver and Road & Track ($975 value) with VIP Access to track events throughout the year.

Take on VIR's 4.1 Mile 24 Turn Grand Course.   This is the toughest course in America, a thrilling mix of challenging corners and high-speed straights. Going fast here requires power and grip and resilience, plus a whole lot of confidence. 

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                                      Lightning Lap Event Details

                                      Friday, October 21st from 7am to 6pm
                                      Virginia International Raceway
                                      Ten Classes in Four Run Groups  
                                      $695 Per Driver 
                                      Drivers must have minimum of 5 HPDE track days at any race track 

                                      Three 30 min HPDE sessions in morning  
                                      Three 20 min Lightning Lap timed sessions  
                                      Street Classes:
                                      LL1- <$35k, LL2-$35k to $65k, LL3- >$65k- $125k, LL4- >$125k-$250k, LL5->$250k
                                      Racecar Classes
                                      Prototype: LLP1 - <$125k,  LLP2->$125k   GT cars: LLR1- <$65k, LLR2 >$65-$125k, LLR3 >$125k
                                      All cars must pass onsite NASA Tech Inspection and complete NASA Tech Form

                                      Each class winner will receive trophy, Car and Driver media online recognition, and an annual Track Club Membership  powered by Car and Driver and Road & Track ($975 value) with VIP access to track events throughout the year.

                                      If you are planning to run the Lightning Lap Time Trial,   you can rent a transponder from us for $75 from NASA, check the box when registering to reserve.   If you have your own transponder, it must be AMB (mylaps) and we need transponder number.

                                      If you prefer to rent a car for HPDE sessions, Kaizen Autosport has over 20 cars available including:
                                      Two Radical SR1's, Three Radical SR3's, BMW Spec E30, Two BMW M235i/240i, Nissan 350Z, Porsche Cayman, Three Chevy Camaro's SS 1LE,  Ginetta G56 GTA, and Porsche Clubsport GT4  

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                                      Odoo - Sample 3 for three columns

                                      Click for Time Trial and Class Rules