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    November 11th cECC open track day on VIR GRAND course

    Price is $500 for 1/2 day open track time!

    Program schedule is: 

    11:00 am: Meet at CECC

    12:30 pm: Lunch at VIR

    1:30 pm: Car Control Clinic and Virtual Track Talk

     2:30 pm: SUV Track Tour 3:00 pm

    3:00 pm: Open track until 5:30 pm

    Extra services included:  

    Intro lead/follow pace laps

    Practice on four pro simulators

    Use of Kaizen Autosport Facility in Paddock

    * Limited to 35 cars.   Must complete car tech inspection form and bring to event.

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    If you prefer to not drive your car, you can rent a car from us.   Please call 919-741-7151 or email us at [email protected].  y0u can rent a Radical SR1 or SR3, Ligier F4, BMW Spec E30, or  Porsche Cayman 

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