Kaizen racing School Advanced racing Program 

    2021 Dates Available NOw.  Book by clicking date beloW

    2 day advanced racing Program

    2 Days with 6 hours  OF driving time 

    Four 30 min races each day  


    pro coaching 

    Pro Race craft tactics  

    Race traffic management 

    Virtual and physical Track Walks 


    using video/data to go fast

    maximizing corner entry and exit  

    overview of advanced racing program

    • This program is specifically for drivers aspiring to race or are already racing

    • Program will be run on South course the first day and Full course the second day 

    • Focus of the program is racing practice in real world race conditions

    • There will be two qualifying sessions and four 30 minutes races each day

    • There will be a physical course walk for both south and full course each night     

    • Limited to maximum of 24 drivers for an immersive instructive experience

    • Participants can bring their own car or rent one of our cars

    • All cars must be fully caged, closed wheel, and tech inspected by accredited racing association

      Itinerary Highlights

    • Evening before each track day: - Physical track walk of course followed by dinner

    • 1st and 2nd day race days

      • Track: Solo lapping and side by side racing drill

      • Track: Two qualifying sessions

      • Track: Four 30 min races with detailed race debrief after each race including video review

      • Classroom:  Racecraft techniques and tactics, race traffic management,  making the pass,

        maximising corner entry/exit using video/data analysis, and video/data lap analysis 

    • Program gives drivers in depth knowledge to become a fast confident race driver.  Topics covered are:

      • Mental: race preparation, traffic management, situational awareness, managing errors

      • Cognitive: finding the limit and using video/data analysis from every session to improve 

      • Track: racing line, where to pass offline under race conditions, maximising corner entry and exit

      • Racing: racecraft tactics, traffic managing, when to pass and not pass, race starts, and race day planning

    • Lodging and dining is available on property at VIR

    • See Pricing Options Below 

    • Insurance is required when renting our cars at $650 per day with $9000 deductible 

    Requirements to Participant  This for experienced drivers with 10 plus track days or who have a current racing license who want more racing practice under real race conditions.   

    Odoo - Sample 1 for three columns
    Bring your Own Car

    Drive in the car you want to track or race
    Keep costs low to get your license
    Learn your car limits at speed

    Odoo - Sample 3 for three columns
    drive a GT racecar

     GT Racecar 
    with full cage and 
    Video/Data acquisition system

    Odoo - Sample 3 for three columns
    Drive a downforce Radical racecar

    High downforce  
    with high G braking and cornering
    Video/Data acquisition system


    What are customers are saying?

    Michael Buck

    "Amazing experience with so much one-on-one training and feedback. Many different styles of cars to choose from. When you successfully complete a two day course, you will have the potential to race in SVRA, SCCA, and NASA.  I highly recommend starting here to get your license(s). Can't wait to return and get more seat time." Google Review

    Kevin Richards

    "I'd have to say that I am very impressed with the quality, attention to detail, and professionalism of the course. The instructors were passionate about teaching your properly. Nothing they did was in half measure. I found the experience more than what I thought it was going to be. The outfit KNOWS what they are doing and they want to ensure you get an excellent education with a great deal of track time." Facebook Review

    Michael Byrne

    " I would describe the school as both challenging and supportive, simultaneously.  This is hard to pull off, but they did it.  All in all a very good school experience and I recommend Kaizen without reservation. " Facebook Review

    Brandon Penland

    "I had a blast at school.  Peter and his staff are top notch and provide great instruction and exercises to gain more confidence in skills and to learn new skills. His program transitions smoothly, one exercise to the other, all building up to make you comfortable in a race environment. I highly recommend this school for anyone looking to learn more skills, become a better racer, or gain your competition license." Google Review