SVRA Licensing School

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1. The Official Racing School of SVRA VIR - Based School is the New Fast Track to SVRA Competition & Super Licenses SVRA license 2 day school offered at Virginia International Raceway on: March 15 th and 16 th June 1 st and 2 nd Sept 17 th and 18 th The licensing school is for anyone entering historic racing who want to improve their skills or move into higher category. Classes are limited to 16 people to allow for immersive experiences targeted at each individual skill level with lots of seat time. If you are seeking your super - license to race in group 9 and 11, then using our downforce racecars will get you the necessary credentials upon successful completion to move up. If your friends or family are ready to start racing, then this is the course for them. We combine interactive classroom sessions, pro simulator training, video and data analysis, car control on skidpad , and multiple lapping and coach ride - along sessions on track to improve everyone’s skills. We offer three options at different price levels to attend: You can bring your own car, rent a race - prepped sportscar, or rent a modern high downforce racecar. All participants who successfully complete the licensing course will receive their SVRA license with first year license fee free . Located at VIRginia International Raceway, a 1300 - acre motorsports resort with trackside accommodations and dining. For inquiries or to register for school, please call (919) 741 - 7151 or email [email protected] or book online Formula Experiences 1131 North Paddock Lane, Alton, VA 24520


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