Personalized Driver Development

     "One on One" coaching

    Kaizen coaching seeks continuous improvement for each person's driving and racecraft.  We focus on both the mental and physical aspects to explore and push your limit to drive fast and widen your awareness.   We employ in-car interactive coaching with data/video analysis with continuous feedback.

             To reserve a Coach - Call/Text 919-741-7151    

    Our driver development program helps drivers with both the mental and physical aspects of racing and driving at the limit.  Our program is customized to each individual from the young 14 year old karter moving into cars to the gentleman driver wanting to compete.  Whether you are just starting out in track day events, club racing, or pro racing, whether you are young or old, whether your goals are simply to learn the limits of your car or you are embarking on a professional career, we will create a driving development plan specifically for you.   Drivers can bring your own car or rent a track prepped sportscar or modern downforce racecar from us.

     Areas covered will include: 
          - Mental:  judgment, focus, situational awareness,and managing errors
          - Cognitive: going faster, learning the line, data analysis, and finding the limit
          - Physical: techniques for accelerating, braking, shifting, cornering, and car rotation
          - Car Control: vehicle dynamics, weight transfer, balance, and managing under and oversteer
         -  Track: circuit analysis to learn the line, prioritizing corners, braking points, and corner entry and exit 
    Each driver will be interviewed to adapt the program to their specific goals. To maximize the potential of each driver, we assess strengths and weaknesses and work on bringing all aspects of the person into their prime to become a well prepared, focused, confident, and fast driver.

    For those focused solely on racing, we will include classroom and “on track” exercises to improve race craft and driving on the LIMIT.  For younger drivers wanting to enter pro series, we will help with public relations, social media marketing, public speaking, and sponsor relations.

    We employ a wide variety of techniques including visualization, classroom instruction, use of pro simulators, skid pad exercises, and “on track” driving. Our cars are all equipped with advanced video and data capture and analysis for benching your time to pro and progressive learning through interactive feedback.   

    Call us to discuss how we can best serve you with your driving objectives so we can make you a focused, prepared driver equipped with the necessary mental and physical skills to achieve high-level success in your driving and/or racing.