All Inclusive Arrive & Drive Rental Experience

Kaizen offers a 5 star experience where  drivers literally show up and drive.  We handle all details to let you enjoy and maximize your track time. 

Our Arrive & Drive rental packages include:

  • Car Delivery to Paddock 
  • Dedicated track support crew for day 
  • Complete set of safety gear available upon request at no charge
  • Car maintenance as needed including replacement car if needed
  • Large RV for driving comfort,  coaching stations with large TV's,  client office for private calls, gear storage, changing room, dedicated WIFI, and AC and heating    
  • Refreshment all day including the finest coffees by Nepresso, premium teas,  hydration & energy drinks, still & sparkling waters, fruit, and energy snacks 
  • Private coaching available including in-car coaching and analysis of data/video 
  • Optional coaching aids including Garmin, Go Pro, and VBOX. 
  • Rentals are for 2 or 4 hours driving time per day  
  • There is $200 fuel charge per 2 hours driving time
  • Crash insurance is required and priced per type of car 

Call/Text 919-741-7151 or email [email protected]


Click to download Kaizen track events for rentals 

BMW M235i

$2,200 for HPDE Day
$3,800 for Test Day 

Track-prepped with 335 HP 
with 8 Speed DSG

Camaro SS 1LE

$2,200 for HPDE Day
$3,800 for Test Day 

Track-prepped with 450 HP with either 6 spd man or 10 spd Auto 

Porsche 718 Cayman

$2,200 for HPDE Day
$3,800 for Test Day 

Track-prepped Cayman with 7 speed PDK

Porsche 718 Cayman S

$2,850 for HPDE Day
$4,900 for Test Day 
Racing suspension, tuned engine, racing seats with 6 point harness

Track Built BMW M240i

$2,850 for HPDE Day
$4,900 for Test Day 
Race suspension, half cage, racing seats, SCCA/NASA Time Trials 

BMW M240iR

$3,600 for HPDE Day
$6,000 for Test Day 
Factory Racecar with DCT fully caged with  video/data

Nissan 350Z
$2,400 for HPDE Day 
$4,000 for Test Day

Fully Prepped Race Car  Races SCCA/NASA
6 speed fully caged

Radical SR1
$2,400 for HPDE Day
$4,000 for Test Day 

Factory Prototype, 
Fun, safe and quick Auto Paddle Shift

Radical SR3  
$2,850 for HPDE  Day
$5,000  for Test Day 

2.3 G Cornering and Braking,10,000 RPM 
Auto Paddle Shift

Audi R8 GT4 EVO  

$5,500 for HPDE Day
$9,000 for Test Day 
Current IMSA Spec With 500 HP,  DSG, Adjustable Race ABS & TC

Ginetta G56 GTA

$3,750 for HPDE Day
$6,250 for Test Day 
Factory Racecar with sequential fully caged with video/data  

 Lamborghini ST  

$8,000 for HPDE Day
$13,000 for Test Day 
Huracan LP 620-2 Super Trofeo Factory Racecar with 600+ HP   

 McLaren 650s GT3  

$9,500 for HPDE Day
$16,500 for Test Day 
FIA McLaren GT3 IMSA Car
500+ HP, Full Aero, 200+ MPH   

*   Participants will be required to have 30 min coaching.  Participant must pay HPDE track fee separately.  Participant will be pay for their fuel at rate of $200 per 2 hour driving time.   In order to rent a driver must have documented track day experience or hold a current SCCA or equivalent regional race license OR if a driver has no experience, then driver will need to hire a private coach. Normal HPDE day is limited to 2 hours on-track driving time.  Test Day allows up to 4 hours driving time per day.  All prices shown are for DOT treaded tires; slicks are available for additional price based on approval and availability. Participant is responsible for all crash damage to car and track.  Crash damage insurance is required for all rentals, 2024 insurance prices per day are:  $475 premium with $9000 deductible for BMW M235/240i, 718 Cayman, Chevy Camaro's, Nissan 350Z, Radical SR1/SR3. $600 premium for Porsche Cayman S with $12,000 deductible.  $900 for $15,000 deductible for BMW M240iR, $1000 premium with $18,000 deductible for Ginetta G56 GTA, $1500 premium with $25,000 deductible for Audi R8 and Lamborghini ST.  Refer to FAQ for crash insurance details. 

Wanna Race?

If you are interested in racing with us, we have five different cars that you can rent based on driver and race event approval from us.  The cars available to race are:  Radical SR3,  Nissan 350Z,  Ginetta G56 GTA, BMW M240iR, and Lamborghini ST.  The rental fee will be determined based on the race event schedule and quoted for that specific event.  There is NO crash insurance available when racing.   Participant is responsible for 100% crash damage to the car and there will be a security deposit required of 20% of market value of the car.