Kaizen racing School 

    2021 Dates Available NOw.  Book by clicking date beloW
    4 Day combined 2 day race school with 2 test days date:  March 6, 7, 8, 9  
    licensing 2 day racing school dates:  Mar  6-7  April 18-19 Aug 29-30 Oct 24-25
    advanced 2 day Racing school dates:   April 18-19   Aug 29-30   Oct 24-25 
    Pro racecraft 2 day program   May 17-18   NOv 8-9

    Kaizen & Speed Secrets partnering to provide the best ongoing Driver Development Programs

    "My passion is helping drivers perform better. I’ve raced for almost 40 years, and coached drivers at all levels all over the world for 30. And I’ve always been driven by wanting to be better – and my drivers to improve. So, teaming up with Peter and his team at Kaizen is the perfect situation. Our philosophies match, Kaizen’s cars and facility are what I’ve always wanted, and there’s no place like VIR – as a track to learn on, as well as it being a beautiful facility. I’m excited to be helping drivers like you through Kaizen Autosport." 

    Ross Bentley, Driver Coach & best-selling author of the  Speed Secrets books

    2 day licensing AND aDVANCED School Highlights

    2 Days with 5 hours driving time 

    highly immersive experience


    individual pro coaching 

    learn how to drive fast

    Interactive classroom sessions

    Accredited by SCCA, SVRA, & NASA* 


    pro simulators to learn the line 

    practice driving at limi

    overview of racing programs

    Kaizen Autosport offers an array of driving options at VIR including high performance driving experiences, driver development, and full competition racing school.  Our racing school is an excellent place to get your full competition SCCA and SVRA racing licenses or just become a better HPDE track driver. Our racing school is unique in that drivers can choose to bring their own car or select from our wide variety of cars including Formula, Prototype, and GT.  Licensing School focuses on car control,  weight transfer techniques, racing protocols, situational awareness drills, and 5 hours of track time with lots of practice starts and races. Advanced School is for experienced drivers wanting to reduce lap times with intense focus on overtaking drills, corner entry and exit speed optimization, and wheel to wheel racing with instructors.  Located in a beautiful facility in the paddock at VIR,  we offer the perfect setting to learn and go fast.   

    • Our program is designed for drivers who have some track experience or have attending one of our driving experiences

    • You can bring your own car, rent a track prepped sportscar, or rent a modern downforce racecar 

    • Limited to maximum of 16 drivers for personalized immersive instruction 

    • Program focuses on improving mental and physical skills to drive fast and learn race craft 

    • We use pro simulators, skidpad, autocross, and over 5 hours of on track driving  

    • Program gives drivers in depth knowledge to become a fast confident driver.  Topics covered are:

      • Mental: judgment, focus, situational awareness, managing errors

      • Cognitive: going faster, learning the line, data analysis, finding the limit

      • Physical: technique for accelerating, braking, shifting, cornering, car rotation

      • Car Control: vehicle dynamics, weight transfer, balance, managing oversteer 

      • Track: circuit analysis to learn line, prioritize corners, braking point, corner exit

      • Racing: passing, race craft, race starts, driver etiquette, and race day planning

    • Lodging and dining is available on property at VIR

    • See Pricing Options Below 

    • Insurance is required when renting our cars at $350 per day with $6000 deductible.

    Racing School:  Excellent place to get  your racing licenses or just become a better HPDE track driver.   No experience required.  This program is an intense 2 day course  that focuses on car control practice, weight transfer techniques to optimize lap time, racing protocols, situational awareness drills, practice side by side drills, and lots of practice starts and races. *  Successful Graduates will be provided with a certification of completion from our school.  Participants will submit this certificate with their competition license application along associated fees to SCCA, SVRA, or NASA Mid-Atlantic. Each association has certain additional requirements before allowing drivers to race; please call or email us for specifics for each association.     

    Advanced Racing School: This for drivers with 10 track days or who have a current racing license.  The school features a longer more demanding technical track with 5 hours plus of track time and an intense focus on overtaking drills, corner entry and exit speeds optimization, and wheel to wheel track time with instructors.  Each car will be fitted with video camera with data for group lap analysis to help drivers for faster.

    Pro Racecraft Program:  This for experienced drivers with 10 plus track days or who have a current racing license.  This program features unrestricted passing limited to 25 advanced drivers with pro level coaching for individual driver development.   We run two course configurations with 16 hours of track time!.   2 hour each day is dedicated to real world wheel to wheel racing drills and scenarios on track to hone skills.  We focus helping you approach your mental and physical limit and improving your racecraft.  We bring in current and past IMSA, Trans Am, and Indycar drivers to work in small group setting with one on one coaching. We limit the total cars to 25 drivers to maximize open track.   

    Odoo - Sample 1 for three columns
    Bring your Own Car
    Racing School - $2995
    Advanced racing school -  $3495
    Pro Racecraft Program - $4495

    Drive in the car you want to track or race
    Keep costs low to get your license
    Learn your car limits at speed

    Odoo - Sample 2 for three columns
    drive a Track Prepped Sportscar
    Racing School - $4495
    advanced racing school - $4995
    Pro racecraft development - $6995

    Track prepped for safety and reliability
    Upgraded racing brakes 
    AIM system for data acquisition and analysis

    Odoo - Sample 3 for three columns
    Drive a downforce racecar
    racing school - $6495
    advanced racing school - $6995 
    pro racecraft program - $8995

    Light weight high downforce racecars
    Over 2G's braking and cornering
    AIM system for data acquisition and analysis


    What are customers are saying?

    Michael Buck

    "Amazing experience with so much one-on-one training and feedback. Many different styles of cars to choose from. When you successfully complete a two day course, you will have the potential to race in SVRA, SCCA, and NASA.  I highly recommend starting here to get your license(s). Can't wait to return and get more seat time." Google Review

    Kevin Richards

    "I'd have to say that I am very impressed with the quality, attention to detail, and professionalism of the course. The instructors were passionate about teaching your properly. Nothing they did was in half measure. I found the experience more than what I thought it was going to be. The outfit KNOWS what they are doing and they want to ensure you get an excellent education with a great deal of track time." Facebook Review

    Michael Byrne

    " I would describe the school as both challenging and supportive, simultaneously.  This is hard to pull off, but they did it.  All in all a very good school experience and I recommend Kaizen without reservation. " Facebook Review

    Brandon Penland

    "I had a blast at school.  Peter and his staff are top notch and provide great instruction and exercises to gain more confidence in skills and to learn new skills. His program transitions smoothly, one exercise to the other, all building up to make you comfortable in a race environment. I highly recommend this school for anyone looking to learn more skills, become a better racer, or gain your competition license." Google Review