Two Day Racing School

 Virginia International Raceway, Alton VA

Kaizen is the most immersive racing school that provides the most seat time and coaching in real racing situations.  Our two day program will train you to become a high performance driver or earn your competition license.  We are accredited with SCCA, SVRA, and NASA Mid-Atlantic racing associations.  

You can choose to "DRIVE YOUR OWN CAR" or select from our wide variety of high performance sportscars and prototypes.

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$3,495 - South Course
$3,995 - Full Course

Drive your own car 

Drive your car and learn it's limits with experienced coaches.  It is our most affordable way to get on track and earn your competition license.

$6,495 - South Course
$6,995 - Full Course

Drive our sportscars 

Experience the thrill of our high performance race ready cars. Choose from  a BMW M235/240i, 718 Cayman/S, Camaro 1LE, or Nissan 350Z.  

$7,995 - South Course
$8,495 Full Course

Drive our factory racecars  

Learn to compete in our GT or prototypes racecar including BMW 240iR, and Radical SR1/3) complete with video/data acquisition system. 

Experience the Thrill: A Comprehensive Overview of Our Two-Day Racing Program
Join us for two action-packed days designed to elevate your racing skills to new heights.

Day One: Mastery of the Track

The adventure begins with a mix of classroom instruction and car control sessions.   In the classoom, you learn the mental preparation for racing, vehicle dynamics, driving on the limit, racecraft, and learning racing flags, their meaning. In the dynamic control sessions on our skid pad and autocross course, you delve into essential techniques that will revolutionize your ability to control a racecar, laying a solid foundation for the rest of the experience.  The day ends with a virtual and physical track walk to teach you the racing line including reference points for braking and cornering. 

 Day Two: Unleash Your Racing Spirit

Then, it's time to unleash your potential on VIR's South or Full course with over 4 hours of driving time.  Navigate the racing line under expert guidance, discovering the quickest way around the track. With each lap, as your confidence soars, push the boundaries, refining your understanding of the car's dynamics and optimizing your lap times. 

 Building upon the solid groundwork from your morning driving sessions,  the day intensifies with wheel to wheel racing scenarios.  These realistic racing scenarios help you hone situational awareness, master racing protocols, the art of strategic passing and defensive maneuvers crucial for competitive success. 

The days ends, the exhilarating thrill of race starts and practice races as you immerse  yourself in live-action scenarios tailored to simulate the intensity of actual race conditions.

 Graduation and Beyond

Upon successful completion, you'll receive your graduation certification. This credential opens doors to obtaining your regional competition license from organizations such as SCCA, SVRA, or NASA Mid-Atlantic, marking the beginning of your journey into the competitive racing.

 As a token of our appreciation, graduates are welcomed back to join the second day of future programs at a special rate. This exclusive offer reflects our commitment to nurturing talent and fostering a community of passionate racers.

 Join Us and Ignite Your Racing Passion Today.

Car Control Clinic and Autocross

Expert Classroom Instruction 

Track Walk 

Wheel to Wheel Racing Scenarios

Multiple Race Starts and Races

More details on our  Two-day Racing School  

  • Our program is designed for novice and advanced drivers to become faster, safer drivers.
  • You can drive your own car or rent one of our high-performance cars.
  • Class sizes are limited to 20 drivers for more personalized instruction
  • Program has mix of skid pad, autocross, and  4+ hours on track  

The program focuses on improving your mental and physical skills to drive fast, learn race craft, and be prepared to race and win.

  • Mental: Improve your judgment, focus, situational awareness, and error management.
  • Cognitive: Learning the line, data analysis, finding the limit, and going faster.
  • Physical: Learn techniques for accelerating, braking, shifting, cornering, and car rotation.
  • Car Control: Vehicle dynamics, weight transfer, balance, managing oversteer.
  • The Track: We'll analyze the circuit to learn the line, prioritize corners, and find optimal turn-in and braking points, as well as corner exits.
  • Racing: You learn the right to overtake and be overtaken, race craft, race starts, driver etiquette, and race day planning.

2024 Two Day Racing School Dates 

South Course 

 April 14-15   Sept 15-16 

Full Course  

 June 9-10    Nov  6-7    

Our two day program will train you to become a high performance driver or earn your competition license.  We are accredited with SCCA, SVRA, and NASA Mid-Atlantic racing associations.  

A word about Kaizen from our partner and Speed Secrets author, Ross Bentley

"My passion is helping drivers perform better. I’ve raced for almost 40 years, and coached drivers at all levels all over the world for 30. And I’ve always been driven by wanting to be better – and my drivers to improve. So, teaming up with Peter and his team at Kaizen is the perfect situation. Our philosophies match, Kaizen’s cars and facility are what I’ve always wanted, and there’s no place like VIR – as a track to learn on. I’m excited to be helping drivers like you through Kaizen Autosport."  
Ross Bentley, Driver Coach & best-selling author of the  Speed Secrets