Referral Reward Program

Formula Experiences, LLC (“Formula Experiences”) finds that our past customers are often our best promoters.  As a thank you, Formula Experiences is pleased to offer a referral reward program.   As a past customer of Formula Experiences, if you refer an individual or company that you think would enjoy any of the experiences or offerings of Formula Experiences, then you may be able to earn a referral reward by following the process, and meeting the requirements, below:

  1.   Provide the name(s) and contact information for person(s) or company(ies) that are your recommended prospects to Formula Experiences.  Include prospect name, address, telephone number and e-mail address with each referral. When referring, please include your name, telephone, and email so can link prospect and validate your past customer status.

  2.   Formula Experiences will notify you by e-mail if your prospect(s) is approved (the “Approval Notice”).  Approval is in Formula Experiences’ sole discretion.  An approved prospect is referred to in this reward program as an “Approved Prospect”.  

  3. . A Formula Experiences’ employee will make contact with the Approved Prospect to promote our services within thirty (30) days of the sending of the Approval Notice.  If Formula Experiences requests reasonable additional information or an introduction from you to the Approved Prospect, you agree to cooperate to provide same.  Formula Experiences, in its sole discretion, has no obligation to contract with, and reserves the right at any time to terminate discussions with, any Approved Prospect(s). 

  4.   If an Approved Prospect meets all requirements to, and does, contract with Formula Experiences for a (i) Formula Experience package, or (ii) vehicle rental session, or (iii) group of experience packages or rental sessions for a group event, within ninety (90) days of the giving of the Approval Notice, and actually completes the experience package, rental session or group event and pays in full for same within one year of its original booking, then Formula Experiences shall pay to you a referral fee equal to either six percent (6%) if Cash Reward is elected, or to nine percent (9%) if Credit Reward is elected, of the amount received by Formula Experiences from the Approved Prospect for the Event Fees for either one experience package, licensing school, or arrive and drive rental days for an individual, or combined Event Fees for one group event (the “Referral Fee”).   Cash and Credit Rewards are defined in Section 5 below. The “Event Fees” for purposes of determining the Referral Fee shall mean and include only the experience fee for the first booked and completed experiences package, or rental fee for the first booked and completed rental package, or combined experiences or rental fees for the first booked and completed group event, as the case may be, purchased by the Approved Prospect, and shall not in any event include the cost of any tires, seats, gasoline, oil, parts, tangible goods or labor, nor any damage coverage or damage deposit payments, compensation paid by the Approved Prospect for any damages or injuries, subsequent experience packages or rental sessions acquired by the Approved Prospect, cancellation fees for cancelled bookings, or membership fees or annual arrive and drive driving fees or other fees related to membership in any Formula Experiences driving club.

  5. Any Referral Fee earned will be issued to Approved Prospect within fifteen (15) business days after completion of, and final payment by the Approved Prospect for, the subject experience package, rental session or group event.  The Referral Fee shall be paid, at Approved Prospect’s option, by either (i) “Cash Reward” which will be by check mailed to Approved Prospect, or (ii) “Credit Reward” which will be by credit to the Approved Prospect on account with Formula Experiences for application against a future experience package or rental.  Referral % paid will reduced by 50% if referral prospect pays for an experience or rental with a discount greater than 10% of the quoted prices on website.

  6. Persons making referrals to Formula Experiences shall not be deemed employees, contractors, agents, partners or joint venturers with Formula Experiences.  You are not authorized to make representations about Formula Experiences and its products and services on its behalf, and should only refer prospects to Formula Experiences, or, for information about its products and services, to its website or its marketing materials. Only Formula Experiences’ employees may speak for, or enter into contracts on behalf of, Formula Experiences.

  7.   Formula Experiences may terminate this referral reward program at any time without prior notice.  Upon the effective date of termination, Formula Experiences will have no further obligations hereunder other than to pay any Referral Fees which had been fully earned by the Approved Prospect having completed and paid in full for the subject experience, rental or group event according to all the rules of this program prior to such effective date.

  8. You agree to the terms and provisions of this program as amended from time to time by providing referrals to Formula Experiences for approval. This program may be amended at any time without prior notice by Formula Experiences by posting of amendments on this website.