Rezoom track days and Kaizen Autosport racing package
    from June 12th to 14th  

    3 day advanced driving Program
     in your own car

    Package #1 

    2 track days with rezoom
    1 day racing experience

    rezoom:  $600 for 2 track days
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    Kaizen: $2195 1 day Racing experience
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    Package #2

    1 day track day with rezoom
    2 day racing school 

    Rezoom: $400 for 1 track day
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    Kaizen: $3145 (Reg $3495)  2 day racing school
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    overview of package

    • Package is great for drivers aspiring to race or want to try wheel to wheel racing

    • Option 1 is for drivers to learn and experience wheel to wheel racing in safe progressive manner 

    • Option 2 is those seeking a license for SCCA, SVRA, or NASA Mid-Atlanta

    • Limited to 24 drivers for immersive instructive experience with 6 coaches 

    • Participants can bring their own car or rent one of ours  

    • Day 1 is Rezoom HPDE event on full course with 2 hours driving time 

    • Day 2 is has choice between option #1 or option #2

      • Option #1: 2nd day of Rezoom HPDE track day on full course

      • Option #2: 1st day of Kaizen Autosport racing school (Autocross & Licensing Content)

    • Day 3 is Kaizen Autosport advanced racing school on south course

      • Focus of the program is racing practice in real world race conditions

      • Program starts at 6pm the night before track walk and flag review/test 

      • 4 hours + driving 

      • Solo lapping with flags

      • Side by side driving drill and leap frog passing drill 

      • Classroom: Racecraft tactics, traffic management, making the pass, and video/data analysis

      • Multiple 1-2 lap races to practice race starts

      • Three 20 min races with reverse grid each race

    • ONLY successful graduates from the 2 day racing school will get their SCCA, SVRA, and NASA Mid-Atlantic License.  Those who attend 1 day will not be eligible for licensing.

    • Program gives drivers in depth knowledge to become a fast confident race driver.  Topics covered are:

      • Mental: race preparation, traffic management, situational awareness, managing errors

      • Cognitive: finding the limit and using video/data analysis from every session to improve 

      • Track: racing line, where to pass offline under race conditions, maximizing corner entry and exit

      • Racing: racecraft tactics, traffic management, passing strategy, race starts, and race day planning

    Requirements to Participant  This for experienced drivers with 10 plus track days or who have a current racing license who want more racing practice under real race conditions.