what Classes are available to enter?

There are five individual classes including
 four street classes and one unlimited class
There will be four street classes based on MSRP.  MSRP will be the calculated based on NADA historical database for your vehicle.  

·       The four street classes available are:

o   <$35,000

o   $35,000 to $64,999

o   $65,000 to $124,999

o   >$125,000

·       For 2020 models, MSRP used will be current prices set by manufacturer.

·       For older cars, a 2.2% inflation index will be added for each year prior to 2020 to adjust to current estimate MSRP for 2020. For example:  A 2015 BMW M235i was $44,000 in 2015.   This would be adjusted adding 2.2% per year for 4 years to reflect current estimated MSRP for this year, so the adjusted 2020 MSRP for this vehicle would be $48,001.

·       The fifth class will be an unlimited class.  Unlimited means no specifications or scrutineering.  See below for more details.

      There will also be a Last Century Award for fastest car in each class older than 2000.

·       All Vehicles must have completed Kaizen safety inspection with forum filled out or submit an approved tech inspection form from SCCA, NASA, SVRA, PCA, BMW CCA or you can submit another association that we may approve.   

Street Class Rules  

·       All Vehicles must pass a Kaizen safety inspection with form filled out.

·       All Cars must have valid registration.

·       Drivers must submit an application for Approval of TT. If the driver has a TT/Racing license then that means automatic approval. Other drivers will be chosen based off of previous experience.

·       Drivers with a Pro license from any series are not allowed to participate.


·       All vehicles running must be a stock chassis production vehicle, this means the chassis of the vehicle can not be modified in any way. It must be the way it came from factory. No tube frames etc…

·       Doors must be OEM material, but alternate materials are allowed for fenders, hood, and trunk. Alternate material for roof allowed if offered from factory.

·        Front splitters/diffusers may not extend farther than 6” beyond Oem body parts.

·       Rear wings/aero may not extend above the roofline. Hatchbacks are allowed no more than 5” above the roofline.

·       Rear wings may not extend beyond the widest part of the vehicle body.

·       All cars must have OEM glass to participate in production-based classing.


·       Engine swaps are not permitted.

·       Aftermarket forced induction of any kind is prohibited.

·       Sequential transmissions and similar are prohibited.

·       Any octane fuel and E85 is permitted.

·       Any Drivetrain changes are prohibited.

·       Forced induction cars must retain OEM turbos/Superchargers. Internal Modification prohibited.

·       All cars with more than 6 cylinders must retain OEM cams.


·       All vehicles must run tires with a minimum UTQG rating of 80 or Higher.

·       Suspension is limited to Double adjustable

·       Suspension pick up points must remain OEM.


·       All vehicles must have a passenger seat.

·       All vehicles must retain all OEM interior including, dash, radio, controls etc… Climate controls must be present, but A/C components may be removed.

·       Aftermarket steering wheels are allowed.

·       All vehicles must have working headlights, tail lights and mirrors.

·       Aftermarket racing seats are allowed

·       Roll bars are allowed but may not go beyond the firewall, and interior may be modified to fit roll bars/safety equipment.

Unlimited Class Rules

·       Unlimited class is just that… Unlimited. You can run any car you choose, from Formula cars to GT3 race cars.

·       Any tire compound is allowed.

·       Open wheel and Closed wheel of any type is allowed.