F4 Rookie racing School

    Sept 26th and 27th 2021 at VIR

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    2 day format Highlights

    5 hours TRACK time with 
     wheel to wheel drills, practice starts,  AND MULTIPLE PRACTICE RACES

    skid pad in school cars  

    pro coaching focused on race craft, SITUaTional  AWARENESS, dATA ANALYSIS,  and  driving on the limit

     classroom sessions on FIA flags, vehicle dynamics, Race PROCEDURES,  mental focus, and  physical track walk


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    Scott Goodyear and Kaizen Autosport partnership

    I'm very excited that young drivers looking to start their F4 racing career will have the opportunity to take a school at the famed VIR circuit.  The school will give a new driver a jump start on the competition plus they'll be prepared for the two test days of testing following the school.    The comprehensive school will cover vehicle dynamics, data analysis, car control including time on skid pad, race craft, and unique F4 FIA flags" Scott Goodyear

    RACING SCHOOL Program Overview 

    Goals for the school focusing on 6 key areas of driver development

    o   Mental: Judgment, focus, situational awareness, managing errors

    o   Cognitive: Going faster, learning the line, data analysis, finding the limit

    o   Driving Technique: Accelerating, braking, cornering, trail braking and car rotation

    o   Car Control: Vehicle dynamics, weight transfer, balance, managing oversteer/understeer

    o   Track: Circuit analysis to learn line, prioritize corners, braking point, corner exit

    o   Racing: Course procedures, FIA flags, starting, passing, racecraft, and driver etiquette

    First day with students driving school cars focuses on car control exercises on skidpad for oversteer, understeer, and trail braking as well classroom sessions on “focusing to drive on the limit, situational awareness, learning FIA flags, race procedures, racecraft, setting up a pass, video track analysis concluding track walk.  

    Second day is all about track time driving their own F4 car (rental F4 cars available).  Driver is on track for 5 hours F4 on VIR Patriot course working on a variety of drills in close wheel to wheel driving to increase situational awareness, learn the line, passing drills, practice starts and multiple races.