Time Attack Explained and rules 

The sport of time attack racing is one of the fastest growing types of motorsport around the world. It’s exciting, challenging and accessible.  Every year it attracts more and more enthusiasts who want to try their hand at this ultimate pursuit of speed.
Kaizen Autosport offers a grassroots approach for someone to get started at lower cost without lots of modifications to their car.   Our four street classes keep costs down and provide a perfect way to challenge yourself on track.  We do recommend everyone have at least 10 days of HPDE track days completed with some instruction before entering your first time attack event.  If you are serious about improving your driving and going faster, we highly recommend attending a racing school or high performance driving school.  We offer two great options with our racing school programs which provide lots of coaching and 5+ hours of "on track" driving per school.   

Thanks for visiting this section to learn, click on the three links below to see if you are ready to enter, what car class you would participate in, and the rules for time attack event.   We hope to see you on track this year!   Any questions, please Drew at [email protected] or call/text to 919-741-7151.